The development of a relationship between client and therapist is central in our approach to Music Therapy. This is facilitated through shared music-making which encourages communication and emotional empathy through a creative exploration of sounds, rhythms, melodies and harmonies.

Differently from music education and/or music entertainment, music therapy focuses on health and well-being. In a music therapy session, interactive improvisation, structured activity, composition, singing and playing are used to help people to communicate in their own musical language whatever the ability, promoting also socialisation and engagement. Music Therapy is an effective form of therapeutic support for a wide range of people with different needs including Social/Emotional/Behavioural Problems, ADHD, Down’s Syndrome, Autism, Learning Disabilities, Abuse (physical, sexual, emotional), Life-threatening illness (cancer and others), Dementia, Mental Health Problems, Neurological Conditions, Stress, Trauma.

Our aim and privilege at Music & Sound Therapy are trying to reach everyone’s inner state and soul through the music, supporting unique forms of expression and unlocking creativity. We offer multiple music therapy approaches, within a holistic approach, to improve the quality of life for older people with dementia, adults and young adults with autism and learning disabilities. Our team is especially experienced in reaching those who are isolated or withdrawn and are finding interpersonal contact and communication difficult.