Founder and director of Music & Sound Therapy, Stephen currently lives in Bristol, UK, but grew up near Venice. He studied all types of music from an early age, winning the international competition of “Concorso Internazionale di Musica Citta’ di Stresa” for young choristers. Stephen is a HCPC board certified Music Therapist, and NMT registered Neurologic Music Therapist. He studied Flute at the Music Conservatory in Italy and afterwards went on to earn his master degree in Music Therapy, deepening his clinical knowledge in palliative care and holistic care with his bachelor degree in Nursing Science. He’s also a passionate flute teacher for beginners of all ages and a member of ISM (Incorporated Society of Musicians). As a Music therapist, he began his career with children and young adults of refugees, later on focussing on serving adults and young adults with learning difficulties, developmental disabilities, autism and Down Syndrome. He has also extensive work experience with elder people with dementia in care homes in the southwest area of the UK. He also offers private music therapy sessions at clients’ home.

Stephen is devoted to sensitise the public opinion on music therapy through workshops and educational seminars, conscious of the importance of the music to improve the work environment.